Sunday, February 5, 2017


Thank God for the Honorable Donald Trump with Family Values overridding City St. Paul and Sancutary State of Minnesota.

Lawyer Chris Tolbert aka Hennepin Co. Attry, Matt Stark, Dan Bostrom
Daio Thoa,Lawyer Jane Prince,Amy Brodxxxs, Rebecca Noecker
Complicit and Culpbable 

Minnesota Constitution Art. III Separation of Powers

                            Minnesota Constitution Art.X Taxes Equitable
 St. Paul City Officials must be exposed for their Naked Ghost Inspections, techinally Ed Smith who Affiant has never met and does not know what he looks like, Ed Smith issuing False Orders without Formal Complaint under Guise of Public Improvement.

Sec. 34.24. - Excessive consumption of city services.
Council findings. The city council finds that some property owners take little or no responsibility for the maintenance of their property until the city, through its various inspections programs, has repeatedly ordered them to remedy violations of the property maintenance chapters of the Saint Paul Legislative Code. Such property owners create excessive costs for the city which are over and above the normal cost of providing inspection services city-wide. Property owners who must repeatedly be ordered to remedy code violations on their property consume an unacceptable and disproportionate share of limited city resources. Therefore, it is the intent of the city council, by the adoption of this section, to impose and collect the costs associated with reinspections and the excessive consumption of city inspection services. The collection of such costs for certain properties shall be by assessment against the real property requiring such excessive inspection or reinspection services, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 429.101, and chapter 14 of the Saint Paul City Charter.
Definitions. For the purpose of this chapter, the terms defined in this section shall have the meanings ascribed to them:
Excessive initial inspection means an inspection and observation of a new violation by an enforcement officer at a specific property address after an enforcement officer has conducted two (2) prior initial inspections within a twelve-month period and found violations of the Saint Paul Legislative Code under the jurisdiction of the department of safety and inspections, where the owner was notified in writing pursuant to section 34.24(3).
Excessive inspection services fee means the fee to be imposed for a reinspection or excessive initial inspection. The fee shall include, but not be limited to: the pro rata salaries of enforcement officers performing inspections of the subject property; the pro rata cost of equipment, materials and all other overhead costs used during inspection of the subject property, including ownership searches and administrative and clerical costs; and the costs of any medical treatment of enforcement officers injured as a result o


    Legal Notice to all Above specifically Executive Branch Mayor Coleman, Legislative Branch Clerk Shari Moore,Russ Stark, all others similarily situated.
                    Affiant VA Widow Mrs. Sharon Anderson aka Scarrella_Peterson
has had it with City St. Paul,MN Corruption.
                            Wed.7Dec2016  Council Meeting,
                        a.  RLH 16-94
              Affiant must address the Council Electronically with Forensic Files
                        b. Separation of Powers Issues
                              i.  Executive Branch run by Chris Coleman DSI appointee Ricardo Cervantes and his Employees. ie Steve Magner who lives in Stillwater making over $100k,
                             ii.   Are Simulating legal process with harassment,False Published Excessive Consumption, now on pg 32, with False Ownership of 697 Surrey Ave St. Paul,MN stating owner Lyle Rambo of Afton now age 88 and Senile, who has not been at Surrey since Sharons 2nd Husband Jim Anderson purchased with Sharons Moneys.
                          iii.   It is assumed that Chris Tolbert aka Hennepin County prosecutor, lawyer and Jane Prince Lawyer know the Law. MN Const. Art. III, X etc.
                         iv.   Affiant Disabled re ADA Act must seek to Abolish DSI in its entirity, Abolish Legislative Hearings by Marsia Mormound
                                   c.  She does not have Jurisdiction/Authority to Quiet Title to RealEstate, but apparantly on False Information by DSI has the Power to Tax or Fee Excessive Consumption
                                   ' taken without proper notice pictures of inspectors, and their qualifications'
                        Affiant has over 100 Blogs, thousands of pdf files, pics writings.
                           If in fact Secret, Phantom Drive by Inspections are approved
Then and Therefore Damages to the Citizenery are in the Millions.
                       PS  Propertys taken without Quiet Titles, Valid Formal Complaints signed off by City or County Attorneys must be Abated or Stayed.
                     Stupidity by the City St. Paul now reopens all Sharons Propertys, takings without Compensation of Cars, Trailers, Basic Necessitys of Life, and the Murder of Cpl James R. Anderson.
                    FURTHER IF HE IS STILL alive Judge Betrand Poritisky has issued Prior Restraint vs. Sharon cannot sue the City, then Poritisky issued re 325 N. Wilder Sharons 6 plex.
                   then Hudson when city attorney and David Lillehaugh have used Poritiskts Bogus Orders to deprive Sharon of 1058 Summit, 325 N. Wilder, 2194 Marshall, 448 Desnoyer, reducing Sharon and her 2nd husband to Poverty, triggering Death,Disabilty,Disparagment of Titles
Saint Paul
City of Saint Paul
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178302Excessive Inspection or Abatement Service 06/23/16-08/12/164.15 %1/18/20171$155.00$155.00
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J1704EExcessive Inspection or Abatement Service 08/15/16-09/23/1611/3/20161$275.00
J1706EExcessive Inspection or Abatement Service 10/24/16-11/18/161/4/20171$155.00
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City St. Paul illegal Assessments without Formal Complaints, Specific Time,Date,Inspectors Qualifications,Authority to levy on Realestate under the Guise of Public Improvement Pic above is Ramsey County Auditor Chris Samuelson 

 Sheri Moore City Clerk                         Exploiting Disabled Senior VA Widow Sharon Anderson 

Stealing Sharons Car, Trailer fully licensed with Disabled Plates